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Computerised Multi Test Bench

Main Unit

New Ray Engineering is a pioneer in developing test benches to various products as per relevant standard .We have more than 50 customers with �computerized multifunction test bench� for Valves, Tube & pipe fittings, Pipes, Cylinders, Hose pipes,motors/pumps, Cables and Other products.

Thermal Unit

Salient features are

  • As per ASTM and Other standards
  • Computer based software to control and monitor tests and record trend and generate reports
  • Auto manual and individual operation selection provision
  • Optional provision is made in the bench itself to house Computer and control hardware
  • Custom built �state of the art� technology as per customer requirement confirming to DNV , BS and ASTM standards
  • Separate space for control hardware, testing equipment and testing area etc...
  • Same Scadasystem we provide

Different Test available in our Test Bench are

  • HIGH PRESSURE, PROOF & BURST TEST- Range (1-500000psi)
  • PRESSURE CYCLIC/ ENDURE TEST-Range ( 0-9000psi/30-40cycles)
  • VIBRATION TEST - Range (5-50Hz) in single/multi axis
  • VACCUM TEST - Range (0-760mmhg)
  • PULLOUT/TENSILE TEST - Range (0-4ton for compression fittings and % elongation with breaking load
  • THERMAL TEST- Range (0-400Deg c) in on/off as well controlled mode
  • Rotary flex Test - Range : 0-6000psi,0-3mm displacement with Strain display
  • Flexure Fatigue Test: As per ASTM Standards
  • CONSTANT CURRENT TESTS - Range (0-200Amps)
  • STEPPER MOTOR TEST -Range : (0-20kgcm)

Flow Generator Testbench

Flow generator test bench is used to check the viscocity the pump.these pump goes to three sub station after the test completion generate the barcode for the fail and pass condition.

Manual /Routine testbench

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Pump Testing machine

These Testing equipment have highest degree of accuracy and repeatability because of best quality sensors and scaling software used.
The logic make the test job (specimen ) holding and faster operation to meet the daily requirement.
The design and aesthetic of the equipment considering the test space requirement ,utility as well to make the owner proud of the their asset