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Electrical Power Panels

New Ray Engineering is pioneer in building Electrical Panels as per the load and customer requirements. The smart type of Electrical panels are also build to have the power control with latest technology over the conventional compartmental type. Our biggest Electrical distribution panel is installed in Saudi Arabia .The capacity of the Panel is 4.0MW. The feeder for big motors and utilities are fed from this panel . We manufacture Motor control and Power distribution panel for various capacity as per customer requirements. The sheet metal fabrication and powder coating done using the best material and panel building is carried out as per relevant standards.

Power & Control system for Ovens /Furnaces/Boilers

Panels with power requirements with Instrument based or Plc based control systems are also manufactured by us. The process could be industrial furnaces , boilers or any other manufacturing process. Here there are different kind of variable signals required to control the process are present. Depending on the process or machine requirement we do the concept to commissioning of the process/machine automation. We have numerous small and medium sized power panel with Variable speed control units for ac as well as for Dc motors , Stepper and Servo motor control units. The application are numerous in this case. There are many processes and big and small machines require this kind control panels in the industry. We take up the complete Engineering from basic s till concept implementation and execute it as per the customer needs and within specified time.


Where big malls and halls air conditioning has to be done, there HVAC equipements needs control system to regulate the operation (inside temperature and air requirement) According to the client requirement we manufacture the Control panel with these salient features.

  • Reduce the energy loss
  • Safe plant operation
  • Reduce the manpower cost
  • Monitoring system performance continuously.

Rubber Extrusion Panel

We manufacture Engineered control panels for various machines like stamping ,rubber extrusion, rubber moulding , corrosion control etc ´┐Ż These may be completely automated panels or semi automatic panels.

Machine Control Panel

Lift Control Panel

Automation Systems

Educational Training Kit

We design and manufacture Educational Training Kit for Engineering and Training Institute to teach and practice on industrial automation module, These kits have instruments Sesors , PLC, VFD, pneumatic, and Front end Monitoring and Control softwares ( SCADA ). These will help the candidates to get hitech training on automation system before working on such big systems in the Industry.
Following are the salient features of these units

  • Hands on experience
  • Knowledge of the plc programming
  • Development of MIMICS and Monitoring Screens
  • Data base interface with the machine /process

Rubber Extrusion Panel

SCADA , supervisory control and data acquisition system that uses computers,network data-communication for high level supervisory control. This peripheral device is connected to the PLC or PID interface with process plant and machinery. Operator enable to monitor and operate the process . We design the scada system for the hydro Pressure testing and other process for better Monitor and control .
We have installed many Furnace ,Boilers with scada based control systems for allied industries.